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– Joe and Molly Michie

– Joe and Molly Michie

The Radio‘s music is one of largest parts of what we all will remember about our beautiful wedding day. The band knows how to read a crowd and killed every song, especially the dance numbers that they learned for us. The band’s willingness to learn songs was important to us. They nailed all of them. We also really appreciate their unique ability to achieve a huge sound with just a few band members. This saves a lot of money over booking a 10+ piece band, and it makes for a really diverse and amazing night of music. We knew that Tim was a musical master mind, but his ability to create awesome arrangements and backing instrumentation from scratch in a short period of time blew us completely away. Talia’s fiddle and backing vocals added a ton to the experience as well. They produce a huge sound with just a few members. The band was a blast to work with throughout the entire planning process and gave recommendations on how to best sequence the dances to ensure that the energy level stayed high and people got out on the dance floor. They provide the best value, energy level, and customization of any band we’ve seen.
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